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Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices - S. O. Kasap
Second Edition with CD-ROM

Second Edition
Illustrated Dictionary of Electronic Materials and Devices: Concise Second Student Edition (v.2.1)
Hundreds of Definitions with Illustrations. PDF (Perfect Print)
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Web Booklets in Materials and Devices
Already incorporated into engineering programs at major universities
Semiconductor Science: An Overview. Recombination Kinetics and Photoconductivity in Semiconductors. Seebeck (Thermoelectric) Effect in Semiconductors (Voltage Drift in Semiconductor Devices). Hall Effect in Semiconductors. Gunn Effect. Elements of Photoconductivity. Advanced Photoconductivity.
PN Junction Devices and Light Emitting Diodes. Forward and Reverse Biased PN Junction. Recombination Current in a pn Junction. Design of a PN Junction Diode. Diffusion and Drift in a PN Junction Diode. (Is it Ohm or is it Fick?) Voltage Drift in Semiconductor Devices due to Thermoelectric Effects. (Why Does the Voltage Drift in Semiconductor Devices?) Bipolar Junction Transistor at Low Frequencies: Common Base Amplifier: Common Emitter Amplifier. Enhancement MOSFET and CS Amplifier. Transistor Switches and CMOS Inverters. Photolithography and Minimum Line-Width in Semiconductor Fabrication. Noise in Semiconductors and Electronic Devices.
Thermal Expansion and Thermal Fatigue (a popular web-booklet, "best-seller", explaining thermal expansion phenomena with engineering applications). Joule's Law and Electrical Conductivity. Wiedemann-Franz-Lorenz Law: Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Metals. Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Metals: Principles and Solved Problems. Thermoelectric Effects in Metals (the Mott-Jones theory of thermoelectricity of metals and the thermocouple equation). Hall Effect in Metals and Semiconductors (principles followed by worked examples). Metal Interconnects in Microelectronics (resistivity of thin films and polycrystalline interconnects explained by Matthiessen's rule, Fuchs-Sondheimer equation, Mayadas-Shatzkes equation.)

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

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Fun in Web-Materials
Phase diagram of chocolate and vanilla. How much vanilla will chocolate take? Guesses? Can you use the Lever Rule? (Source: Kenneth A. Jackson at the University of Arizona. Courtesy of NASA).
A crystal with a dislocation. How strained is the crystal? What do the yellow atoms show? (Courtesy of Dr. Sharon Cobb, NASA).


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