Changes in the Second Edition

Second Edition

The second edition is an updated and revised version of the first edition based on reviewer comments, with new topics such as conduction in insulators, Hall effect in semiconductors, phonons and thermal properties, new problems, a number of new worked examples and solved problems, and a new chapter on the optical properties of materials. The second edition is one of the few books in the market that has a broad coverage of electronic materials that today's scientists and engineers need. The changes are major enough to classify the Second Edition as a new book. Normally, McGraw-Hill only publishes a new edition when there have been substantial changes and typically new editions come out very 5 years or so.

Access to Web-Materials

As stated in Web-Materials under "Author's Message and Disclaimer" Web-Materials supports only the current copy/edition, which is the Second Edition. The "Disclaimer" is reproduced below. To download the articles, you will need to get a copy of the Second Edition. The cost of the book reflects the book itself, NOT Web-Materials. You can get a Second Edition from your local McGraw-Hill office. The Second Edition comes with a CDROM.

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The "official website" for the textbook is actually hosted by McGraw-Hill, the publisher. Go To The McGraw-Hill Website for This Textbook. You may wish to bookmark the McGraw-Hill website for this text for future reference, for example, when you cannot access Web-Materials.

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