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Welcome to the Website of Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices. This is an educational website that provides additional resources to those individuals who have purchased a copy of the current edition of the book; at present this is the Second Edition. I hope to maintain the website while the book is still in print or while I am not prevented by other commitments. I'd like to thank all those students and faculty who have taken the trouble to write to me about the book and the website. Although I cannot respond individually to all comments, I do read them all and take note of the suggestions. We have expanded various sections, such as the Properties of Materials, Selected Topics and Solved Problems, to provide a more enhanced service. In addition, there are now many downloadable features for both students and instructors who are using the textbook. We hope to continually expand and improve the site.

The accuracy of the information and materials data are not guaranteed. Please use any information from this site with caution. We accept no liability whatsoever. The contents of this website, and access to it, is subject to change at author's discretion, and the service may be discontinued anytime. This is, after all, an experimental website maintained by one faculty member (me) and one graduate student outside our regular and hectic duties. Use of any type of information, whether it is in a downloaded document, or on a webpage, implies that you have accepted this disclaimer.

We welcome any comments that will help us improve the site.

Safa Kasap
Saskatoon, Canada
(A view of Saskatoon from my old apartment, January 1990)

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