Textbook Corrections (Second Edition)

The second edition has just been finished in time to be published for the fall semester. Although I read the galley proofs as carefully as humanly possible in the given time, a few errors still managed to escape me (no mortal is perfect). In addition, some of my corrections on the galley proofs managed to escape the printer; they are just as human. There are some obvious mistakes such as misprinted font errors, some misprinted super or subscripts, all of which are obvious to the reader. Most undergraduate textbooks like this get extensively edited by a copy editor who rewrites the sentences, shortens them, simplifies the English, and puts the text into a "standard US grammar and punctuation" (that is, Gauss's law and not Gauss' Law). The equations get totally rewritten using the compositor's math style and available fonts. It's a totally different process than writing a journal paper. Given the complexity of the textbook and the current "art of textbook-production", there are not many errors.

Important Corrections for Second Edition:
Chapter Page Title Misprint Correction

Solutions Manual

The Solutions Manual is regularly updated and expanded. Instructors can simply download the most recent Solutions Manual from the Instructor's Supplement section. PDF files are recommended which provide good quality print.
Please inform us, if you notice any important, significant corrections in the textbook.

Please clearly state the correction location with page and line number.

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