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Items Included in Instructor Supplement:
  • Online Solutions Manual:
    Solutions to all the problems are available in PDF. Simply download and print on any printer. Solutions manual is updated regularly and explanations expanded with instructor feedback. Please use the Online Solutions Manual rather than publisher's old copy for up-to-date solutions.

  • Color Overhead Diagrams / Viewgraphs In PDF:
    Very high quality diagrams. Can be viewed and printed by Acrobat Reader. All PDF documents can be printed on almost any printer. The PDF documents are available now, simply download or print from your web-browser.

  • Color Presentations In PowerPoint:
    Very high quality diagrams in Power Point. Deliver your lectures from a computer. These diagrams may also be used in your symposium and conference presentation provided that you quote the full reference to the textbook.

    New Second Version of Color Power Point Presentations for selected chapters is now available. Includes equations from the text.

  • Online Resources:
    Useful reference sections of the textbook such as the Notation and Abbreviations may be downloaded directly from the website. Students and instructors who have a copy of the textbook have free access to the Illustrated Dictionaries and Worked Examples online.

    A number of Selected Topics enhance the textbook coverage. These documents are provided in Microsoft Word and PDF format, and downloadable with a password from the textbook. Available to students and instructors.

Request the password if you have adopted the book and would like to have an Instructor's Supplement.

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