Semiconductor Online
News and technical articles on semiconductor technologies
Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
A useful resource center on semiconductor fabrication, semiconductor products.
Semiconductor Subway
Find your way around the semiconductor metro around the world
Principles of Semiconductor Devices
Nice web-book by Bart Zeghbroeck


Advanced Method of Transient Microwave Photoconductivity, theory
Transient Microwave Photoconductivity, An Outline of a Research Strategy
Piezoceramic Tutorial
Complicated kinetics in Si

Materials Science and Engineering

Technology Data Center
EE virtual library
Semiconductor images
Semiconductor Nanotechnology at U. of Toronto (Canada)
Electronic Materials at U. of Toronto (Canada)
Other Material Science Sites
The NASA Technical Report Server
Langley Technical Report Server

Physics and Engineering Physics

Physics Around the World
Virtual Physics Library

Radiography and Digital Imaging

Display Technology In Japan
Digital Radiography
Selenium Valley for Digital Radiography
Radiology and Imaging Links: University of Kuopio


Optical Fibers at Corning
Hamamatsu for Optoelectronics
Fiber Optics Resources on the Web

Educational Links (General)

The Smithsonian in Washington DC

Societies & Institutions

The American Institute of Physics (AIP)
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
The Institute of Physics (IOP)
The Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)
Materials Research Society

Research Related Web-Search

Engineering Information Inc.(search journal catalogs and data bases)

Scientific & Paranormal Entertainment

The Art Bell Show (The #1 Late Night Talk Radio Show, Coast-to-Coast)
If you suffer from insomnia, then why not listen to Art Bell after 10 PM (Pacific) on 1000 kHz, 1500 kHz and other frequencies? My favorite talk show!

Search for Extra Terrestrials

Seti Website
Check out the Seti Website for information on the continuing search for E.T!
Want to help in the search for E.T.? Check out how you can use your home computer to help Seti in the search for E.T.
A McGraw-Hill Book with Web Resources
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