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Selected Topics and Web-Booklets in Materials Science and Electronic Materials and Devices.

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Hall Effect in Semiconductors [PDF]

Design of a pn Junction Diode [PDF]

Thermoelectric Effects in Metals [PDF]

pn Junction Devices and Light Emitting Diodes [PDF]

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Units, Constants and Conversions [PDF] v.1.0, 15 Apr 2001

Bonding in Molecules and Solids [PDF] v.1.1, 17 Dec 2001
Covalent bonding, ionic bonding and van der Waals bonding explained by using solved problems. Bulk modulus K related to bonding.

Secondary Bonding [PDF] v.1.0, 15 Apr 2001

Young's Modulus and Bonding: A First Order Treatment [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Young's Modulus and Bonding [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Solids: Elementary Concepts [PDF] v.1.0, 12 Apr 2001

Elementary Crystals [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Ionic Crystals, Cohesive Energy and the Madelung Constant [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Ionic Crystals and Cohesive Energy [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

X-Ray Diffraction and Crystal Structures [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Principles followed by a worked example.

Diffusion [PDF] v.1.1, 06 Jan 2002
Principles followed by worked examples.

Surface Tension of Crystals [PDF] v.1.0, 12 Apr 2001
What is surface tension and how is it related to the crystal surface and the heat of sublimation?

Viscosity and Glass Transformation [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Diffusion and Oxidation [PDF] v.1.1, 29 Dec 2001


Laser Principles [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001



Thermal Expansion and Thermal Fatigue [PDF] Best Seller, Web-Booklet, Updated, v.1.2, 28 Nov 2002
A popular web-booklet ("best-seller") explaining thermal expansion phenomena with engineering applications such as failure of solder joints and semiconductor chips.
Numerous worked examples and exercises with answers. Over 2000 downloads!
Make sure you have a personal copy and recommend it.

Essential Mechanical Properties: Elastic and Plastic Deformation [PDF] v.1.5, 06 Jan 2002
Elastic and plastic deformation. Basic mechanical properties (e.g. elastic moduli, yield strength, tensile strength) of materials with examples and solved problems

Mechanical Properties II: Mechanical Failure [PDF] v.1.1, 06 Jan 2002
Fracture by crack propagation.

Essential Heat Transfer for Electrical Engineers, 2nd Edition [PDF] v.2.02, 15 Jan 2003 2nd Edition!


Joule's Law and Electrical Conductivity [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Thermal Conductivity [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Metals: Concepts and Solved Problems [PDF] v.2.0, 29 Dec 2001
Concepts followed by worked examples.

Thermoelectric Effects in Metals: Thermocouples [PDF] v.1.0, 06 Nov 2001
The Mott-Jones theory of thermoelectricity of metals and the thermocouple equation.

Hall Effect [PDF] v.1.0, 12 Apr 2001
Principles followed by worked examples.

Metal Film Interconnects in Microelectronics [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Resistivity of thin films and polycrystalline interconnects explained by Matthiessen's rule. Fuchs-Sondheimer equation. Mayadas-Shatzkes equation.

Radiation Theory of the Electrical Fuse [PDF] v.1.1, 17 Dec 2002


Semiconductor Science: An Overview [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Per reader requests, this is a short overview of semiconductor physics with examples (21 pages).

Recombination Kinetics and Photoconductivity in Semiconductors [PDF] v.1.0, 12 Apr 2001

Thermoelectric Effects in Semiconductors: Voltage Drift in Semiconductor Devices [PDF] v.1.1, 28 Oct 2002
Voltage drift in semiconductor devices.

Hall Effect in Semiconductors [PDF] v.1.0, 06 Nov 2001

Transferred Electron Devices: Gunn Effect [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Elements of Photoconductivity [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Steady State Photoconductivity: Illumination Through an Electrode [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001


pn Junction Devices and Light Emitting Diodes [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

A self-complete Web-Booklet with solved problems and exercises (34 pages).

pn Junction: The Shockley Model [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Recombination Current and I-V Characteristics of a pn Junction Diode [PDF] v.1.0, 08 Nov 2001

Design of a pn Junction Diode [PDF] v.1.0, 08 Nov 2001

The Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) [PDF] v.2.0, 27 Dec 2001

The pn Junction: Diffusion or Drift? [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Is it Fick, or is it Ohm?

Shot Noise Generated by the pn Junction [PDF]

Voltage Drift in Semiconductor Devices due to Thermoelectric Effects [PDF] v.1.0, 18 Nov 2001
Why does the voltage drift in semiconductor devices?

Semiconductor Device Fabrication [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Bipolar Junction Transistors at Low Frequencies: Principles and Solved Problems [PDF] v.1.0, 27 Nov 2001
Includes the emitter bandgap narrowing and small signal equivalent circuit

Enhancement MOSFET and CS Amplifier [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Principles followed by solved problems.

Transistor Switches: Why the Saturated Collector-Emitter Voltage is 0.2V [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Photolithography and Minimum Line-Width in Semiconductor Fabrication [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Noise in Semiconductors and Electronic Devices [PDF]
Dr. Don Scansen, Chipworks, Ottawa, Canada (used with permission)

Depletion MOSFET Fundamentals [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

High-Frequency Small-Signal BJT Model [PDF] v.1.0, 27 Nov 2001



Ferrimagnetic Materials and Ferrospinel Crystals [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Ferrimagnetic materials and ferrites in electronic engineering. What makes them ferrites?

Elementary Magnetism and Magnetic Properties [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001


Optical Dispersion and Absorptionin Materials, Second Edition [PDF] v.2.0, 24 February 2003 Revised and Updated!
Why and how the refractive index, absorption, and the group index depend on the wavelength, and solved problems.


Stimulated Emission and EDFA [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
EDFA, Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier, is an optical fiber photon amplifier.

Helium-Neon Laser [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Laser principles, He-Ne laser operation, output spectrum and an example.

Elements of Photoconductivity [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
A semiquantitative treatment of photoconductivity, photoconductive gain and photoconductors.

Photoconductivity II [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Photoconductivity with illumination through a semitransparent electrode.

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